New Beginnings

I feel alive today. Today is my first day of being a stay at home dad!

I’m so excited for this amazing opportunity to be in charge of my own child’s care! To me, there is no more comforting feeling as a father when you don’t have to drop off your child at daycare and can keep them safe and sound.

Ever since I was a young boy living with an alcoholic father, I wanted to be a truly amazing dad and now my time has come! I see the incredible importance of putting your child first in life, more important that anything else!

Like many jobs I’ve had, there is a big learning curve to this, but it’s one I’m not afraid to take on.

More news , in the last month I’ve accomplished another dream, to start my own business! It’s slow going, but I’m making money selling jewelry online and in person. I’ve always had a passion for gemstone jewelry and wanted to start my own business so it’s perfect. I don’t want this to be a shameless plug, but if you’re interested I would greatly appreciate your support! My ebay jewelry store is: (scroll down to see a few of my pieces that are on auction now). My jewery auctions always start at $0.99 and have free shipping. My auctions start and end every Sunday morning. I specialize in unique blue gemstone jewelry like Blue Sapphire, Ruby, London blue topaz, Tanzanite, Diamond rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants, and more.

So here’s to new beginnings, and dreams realized. I am hopeful that with hard work and courage, we can accomplish anything, and that mentality says a lot for me because I used to be a very negative person. There’s a great line from a Dawes song that is perfect for this situation- “when my time comes.” Until next time, be good to each other 🙂


Jewelry starts at $0.99
w/ Free Shipping

Auctions end on Sunday mornings

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