Poet Tree

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So here’s Poet Tree: It’s about how my disability can both be devastating and wonderful all at the same time.

Poet Tree

That tree is my brain.

It gives me energy to see and to simply be.






loud and speak.




sad, and write strangely


poetry, it gives me capacity.

There are withered leaves there –cerebral palsy.

I am hurt.

I am different.

I have no choice.

I am extraordinary.

I persevere.

I have no choice.

I love my Poet Tree,

don’t you?

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Walls so thick

walls so thick
She gave so much
long labored
neglecting herself
mental health suffered

Her nature
justifies action
hidden behind
stark relentless pain

Exuding confidence
illusion of control
but just underneath
a black hole stirs..

Middle child recluse
put on a happy face
hidden stuffed feelings
emotionally alone

Now a mother herself
cheerfully lonely
for the love of her kin
cannot extinguish this fully

Crushing pressure..
Breathing in cement..
She screams!
Nothing penetrates.

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Nurturing creativity in your children

nurturing creativity in babies and children

Thank you to Kimmy from the blog Making Mondays for the inspiration for this post!

From day one, babies are naturally curious and respond to colors, textures, music, and interaction. If nurtured, their creative mind will develop and flourish. This is an excellent tool parents can harness to help their children grow into creative and happy, well-rounded adults.

In my opinion, nurturing creativity is one of the greatest qualities a parent can have. I like to think of myself as a creative dad and encourage my 17 month old Josie to explore every chance I get.

When Josie and I play we have so much fun. As a parent, to create this fun creative environment for your child, you must put many of your adult feelings, worries, and apprehensions on hold to let the child back in.

Imagine you’re doing the activity your baby is experiencing for the first time yourself. Pretend you’re watching that color light toy for the first time with your baby, reading that book, grasping that ball, or splashing around in the tub. The more excited and childlike you seem, the more your fun and the more creativity your baby will experience.

By being childlike, I mean trying your best to have a childlike sense of exploration, of wonder. Some ways you can harness this thought in your mind is to think back to the firsts in your adult life and how exciting and fun it was. For instance, you first time driving a car, your first kiss, your first paycheck, etc. It’s important to remember how these new experiences felt because as parents the older we get the harder it gets to be childlike.

One way for guaranteed fun for parent and child is finger painting! Finger painting is an excellent activity for all ages. You can even make baby friendly finger paint by mixing one part flour, one part water, and the food colors of your choice. Prep the area so the mess can be contained and you have created a whole new world for your baby. This is so much more fun than just crayons and paper!

Whatever activities you choose for your children, make sure many of them stimulate their creative brain. Play and creativity is essential to healthy brain growth and it’s important to nurture this for your growing child. [1] By learning how to harness creative thought, there’s no limits to what they can achieve 🙂

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[1] The Importance of Play in Promoting Healthy Child Development and Maintaining Strong Parent-Child Bonds, Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Kenneth R. Ginsburg, MD MSEd. 2007