Busy working on my Gemstone Jewelry Super Auction Weekends

Boy I have been so busy preparing for my Super Auction Sale for my ebay store for my website. I’m so tired I don’t have much else to blog about, but promise to update soon. Until then, I am grateful for your support, and I hope I can provide everyone with affordable luxury when it comes to unique sterling silver gemstone jewelry. Thanks and here’s more info about my sale šŸ™‚

Please join us for our Gemstone Jewelry Super Auction Sale – 31 items ending this weekend of 3/15-3/16, and over 150 items ending the weekend after 3/22-3/23! Everything starts @ $0.99 w/ Free Shipping at our Ebay store –http://stores.ebay.com/BlueGemstoneJewelry
Oh, and we have Diamonds! See how much you can save!

Here’s a preview of items ending soon: (photos in order from 1-6)

1. Ethiopian Welo Opal (Pear cut), Tanzanite Earrings Sterling Silver TGW 2.00 cts. – Ends Sat 3/15 at 11:40AM Current bid – $22.00

2. Diamond Dangle Cluster Earrings in Sterling Silver Nickel Free TDiaWt 0.15 cts. ā€“ Ends Sat 3/15 at 2:13PM CST,
Current bid – $5.50

3. Diamond Heart Pendant With Chain (18 in) Sterling Silver TDiaWt 0.05 cts. ā€“ Ends Sat 3/15 at 2:36PM CST,
Current bid – $5.51

4. Thai Blue Star Sapphire (3.20 Ct), Tanzanite Ring Silver (Size 9) TGW 3.32 cts. ā€“ Ends Sat 3/16 at 12:53PM CST,
Current bid – $23.50

5. Arizona Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Blue Diamond Ring (Size 6) DiWt.02ct TW .62 ct ā€“ Ends Sun 3/16 1:37PM CST,
Current bid – $5.51

6. London Blue Topaz, White Topaz Ring in Sterling Silver (Size 7) TGW 1.50 cts. ā€“ Ends Sun 3/16 at 4:58PM CST,
Current bid ā€“ 21.49

Check out the unique, affordable gemstone jewelry for women and men that you just don’t see in Jewelry stores at our website – BlueGemstoneJewelry.com. Get your loved one something Extraordinary. Thank you for your interest and your bids! Bless you all šŸ™‚

Update – leap of faith

Hello, I apologize for neglecting my blog. It’s been awhile since I posted and a lot has changed. I’m still officially self employed running BlueGemstoneJewelry.com and so far loving it! I don’t regret taking the leap of faith to leave the corporate 9-5 for something I love. It sure is keeping me busy though!

Since I started in December I’ve been building my online gemstone jewelry business with an Ebay store.

There I auction off rare and exotic jewelry starting at $0.99 with free shipping. It has been very successful, but I knew I had to eventually create my own storefront to avoid the high ebay fees.

So I started designing my storefront at BlueGemstoneJewelry.com and I’m happy to say we’re having the Grand Opening on March 1st! Everything will be on sale! We also will be offering 15% Off by entering the code “15OFF” at checkout. We sell sterling silver jewelry in rare, collector gemstones such as Blue Sapphire, Tanzanite, Opal, Rainbow Moonstone, Russian Diopside, and much more.

However, I knew to be successful I need something that makes my site truly unique. That’s why I decided to start a Live Stream on my Youtube channel. There I will stream live everyday at 12:00am Central time starting on March 2nd! I will be presenting our ‘Today’s Best Value’ in what I hope will be an fun and informative way.

I think it’s awesome that I can share my passion for gemstone jewelry with others and make a living at the same time.

Oh, and you’re a regular reader my almost 2 year old, Josie is doing really well. She is starting to throw some major tantrums, but I can’t say no one warned me about that!

Also, my wife and I are doing better. She actually took a leap of faith herself and quit her job. She wasn’t happy what she was doing and it was really dragging her down. Now she’s going to take some well deserved R&R time and then start thinking about what new career she’d like to choose. Until then she sells Norwex products which is a line of cleaning products that reduces the use of chemicals in your home. She does home parties and sells through her website. We don’t even use cleaning chemicals in our home anymore. For, instance, did you know dryer sheets are toxic? There’s a multi-billion dollar industry selling us products to make things supposedly clean, but a lot of it is bad for our health.

Sorry, that’s a ridiculously long post! I’m glad to be blogging again and I’ll try and post at least weekly.

Until then, count your blessings instead of your problems, and have a great one!






New Beginnings

I feel alive today. Today is my first day of being a stay at home dad!

I’m so excited for this amazing opportunity to be in charge of my own child’s care! To me, there is no more comforting feeling as a father when you don’t have to drop off your child at daycare and can keep them safe and sound.

Ever since I was a young boy living with an alcoholic father, I wanted to be a truly amazing dad and now my time has come! I see the incredible importance of putting your child first in life, more important that anything else!

Like many jobs I’ve had, there is a big learning curve to this, but it’s one I’m not afraid to take on.

More news , in the last month I’ve accomplished another dream, to start my own business! It’s slow going, but I’m making money selling jewelry online and in person. I’ve always had a passion for gemstone jewelry and wanted to start my own business so it’s perfect. I don’t want this to be a shameless plug, but if you’re interested I would greatly appreciate your support! My ebay jewelry store is: BlueGemstoneJewelry.com (scroll down to see a few of my pieces that are on auction now). My jewery auctions always start at $0.99 and have free shipping. My auctions start and end every Sunday morning. I specialize in unique blue gemstone jewelry like Blue Sapphire, Ruby, London blue topaz, Tanzanite, Diamond rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants, and more.

So here’s to new beginnings, and dreams realized. I am hopeful that with hard work and courage, we can accomplish anything, and that mentality says a lot for me because I used to be a very negative person. There’s a great line from a Dawes song that is perfect for this situation- “when my time comes.” Until next time, be good to each other šŸ™‚


Jewelry starts at $0.99
w/ Free Shipping

Auctions end on Sunday mornings