The Alternative Route for Hair Washing: No More Shampoo

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Finding Nikki

This seems like a trivial topic, given my current situation in some serious soul-searching, but this is something I’ve wanted to try for a while, so why not now?  I’ve read about No-Poo movements, and no, it’s nothing to do with poop. It’s about ditching the shampoo and conditioner and taking an approach that is better for your hair.

From my extensive Wikipedia research, I learned that shampoo is a relatively new product, being invented in the 1920s. I also learned that daily hair washing, which I though has always been necessary for my hair, is actually not necessary, and is BAD for your hair.  Basically washing your hair everyday strips it of its natural oils, so your scalp is fooled into thinking that it needs MORE oil. Ta-da, the invention of Greasy Hair! Shampoo companies must have figured this out, and they made products that do a really good…

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Busy working on my Gemstone Jewelry Super Auction Weekends

Boy I have been so busy preparing for my Super Auction Sale for my ebay store for my website. I’m so tired I don’t have much else to blog about, but promise to update soon. Until then, I am grateful for your support, and I hope I can provide everyone with affordable luxury when it comes to unique sterling silver gemstone jewelry. Thanks and here’s more info about my sale 🙂

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Current bid – $5.51

6. London Blue Topaz, White Topaz Ring in Sterling Silver (Size 7) TGW 1.50 cts. – Ends Sun 3/16 at 4:58PM CST,
Current bid – 21.49

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Beyond the Quarter Life: Now what?


Written by guest blogger, my wife!  Check out her blog: Finding Nikki

Go to college, get a degree, find a job, get married, buy a house, have a baby. These were goals I set for myself as a young adult. When I was 18, these life events were all a big mystery– I didn’t know what I was going to major in, where I would work, who I would marry…but I knew this is what I wanted for my life, and I looked forward to the future with excitement as these goals took shape.

Fast forward 10 years. Now I’m nearly 28. I have a degree from the University of Minnesota. I found a job with career potential right out of college. I met my husband and we married in 2009. We bought a house in the suburbs. I had a baby in 2012, at the age of 25. Fantastic! All my life goals are complete. Now what?

That’s the scary part. I have no idea. I think I’ve been a little too distracted the last couple years, and I never paid much attention to the future. You can only do so much when you are battling severe postpartum depression, an anxiety-inducing and demanding full time job, and taking care of a baby that was sick all the time with ear infections, pneumonia, and has some developmental delays.

Things have improved immensely with my depression and anxiety (a whole other story to share a different time!). My daughter’s illnesses have been reduced thanks to a new treatment plan that included ear tubes, daily nebulizer treatment, and she also sees an early childhood special education teacher to work on her developmental skills.

The last hurdle was my job. I felt trapped– I had many reasons to stay (good benefits, good co-workers, a semi-interesting career path), but only one reason to leave: a hostile work environment created by my boss. In the last 2 years, I have done everything in my power to make it bearable to work with her. It worked for a while, but it was taking a toll on me and my family.

A couple weeks ago I did what I thought was impossible– I quit my job! After working there for almost 6 years, I went into work, gave my notice, and didn’t come back the next day. If you know me, then you might be a little shocked. I’m supposed to be the dedicated, stable, enthusiastic employee. I had no job lined up, knew I would be giving up my family’s health insurance, and my only plan was to use some of my 401k money that I would now have access to upon leaving. This is very un-Me behavior!

So this is where I stand currently: I’m taking a break from all things career-related. I’m not ready to start looking for jobs yet. Mostly I have no idea where I want to begin my next career path. But I’m fine with that. I will be using this time to be at home with my daughter and my husband, who is working from home in his new business venture. I want to make up some of my lost mother-daughter time from having postpartum depression and working full time in her first 2 years. I want to reflect on the crazy whirlwind that has been my life in the past few years, and through this I hope to learn more about myself and have a better idea of what I want for my future.

Oh, and we were able to get a new health insurance policy on the private insurance market, and its actually affordable (thanks, Obama!).

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5 Steps to a Happy Wife (written by a happy husband)

happy wife happy life quote

1. Shut up and Listen.
2. Shut up and Listen.
3. Shut up and Listen.
4. Now that you listened to the exact words she has verbally expressed and most importantly, read between the lines, then promptly complete all the tasks and requests she desires without delay.
5. Rinse and Repeat.

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Love and other things…

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Photography Turret

A person sits down on a bench next to a friend.

“Why does my partner irritate me so much?”
“Because you love them…”
“No, that doesn’t make sense… are you nuts?”
“Think about it: they’re not perfect. They have flaws.”
“Yes, I know that!”
“Rationally,  you do. But don’t you forget it once in a while? Think about it: sometimes they’ll be the most amazing person in the world, guess your every need and tend to it, know exactly what to do to make you smile. Sometimes they’ll go through everything with you, big or small, and still be there, and still smile in the end…”
“Yeah… They really do.”
“Still, they’re human: sometimes they’ll fail. Maybe they’ll have a bad day, wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Maybe they won’t smile that day.”
“But that’s not MY fault!”
“No, it isn’t. Don’t you do it too…

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Go ahead, take it for granted…

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Lyrics and Chocolate

It’s something often said… Men are all the same. I think the reason for this is that they really give us more reason to believe that than what they give us reason not too. That being said, women are also all the same. So when you complain about the usual stuff there is some common ground.

So when you actually finally meet someone man or women, that is willing to go above and beyond for you and actually enjoy things most others would complain about, would you consider yourself lucky? Would you consider yourself fortunate? Would you then try and be an even better you to accommodate that person? Or would you simply take it for granted? “I am who I am” …Forget that you are fortunate to not have reason to complain?

…. Very sad, but even given everything on a platter without having to go to any effort…

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Thoughts from a man: Don’t make fun of a pregnant woman’s belly

Thoughts from a man: Don't make fun of a pregnant woman's belly

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Okay, so you’re probably wondering how a man knows anything about having a pregnant belly. Well, let me tell you what happened today and you be the judge 🙂

So, I have this friend, let’s call her Beth (not her real name). Beth is in her late 30s and is 4 months pregnant with her third child. She is clearly showing baby bump now. I’ll explain why that’s relevant to the story in the next paragraphs.

Occasionally Beth likes to go for an ice cream. Today she told me about earlier in the week. I wasn’t there, but she told me about when she went to get a treat at her favorite spot. Beth tells me that immediately as she enters the restaurant she sees the two men behind the counter snickering and laughing to each other.

The men who clearly look over 30 years old, covered it up but were clearly laughing at her pregnant belly. Before they took her order she could see them mouthing the words “Whoa, damn she is pregnant!” as they chuckled.

These man boys then quickly ceased their antics and tried to take her order oblivious to the fact that she saw what they did. Beth was disgusted, but she was late for work so she just paid for her ice cream and was on her way.

Beth is strong minded and might not have gone there again but she was craving the same ice cream treat again today. She thought maybe those immature man boys would not be scheduled that day and took her chances.

As she entered the restaurant for the second time that week, to her dismay it was them again. Those two stupid men that looked way too old to be working at an ice cream restaurant. They started snickering again as she walked in and under their breath she again saw the guy from before mouth the words “Damn, she is back for more!”

Again, she was offended but didn’t have the energy to say anything. Just as she thought to turn and leave they offered to take her order. Grudgingly she accepted and ordered an ice cream treat from them again. She was soon on her way.

That was today, she told me about these so-called men. I was infuriated that they would treat a pregnant woman in such an appalling way. I said to her it’s men like these that give the rest of us a bad name, they don’t even deserve the title of men, their a stupid boy in a man’s body with no sense of decency.

Beth said she was upset but didn’t say anything because it was not uncommon. To my surprise this was the third time she had experienced men ridiculing her pregnant belly this week! On Monday while she was walking by a garden a construction worker snickered to his co-worker and said a similar nasty thing about her being pregnant. She asked me, “what did I do to deserve this?” I said she didn’t deserve it. She wondered if she had a sign on her head telling men to mess with her this week.

Beth kept her sense of humor and laughed it off, but I wasn’t laughing. She is a friend and it hurt me that she was hurt in this way. I could tell it affected her a lot and understandably made her not want to go to that ice cream restaurant again.

I simply had to do something. When I had some free time I marched down to the same ice cream stand to talk to the manager. I told them my name and her first name only and when she came in. I wanted to respect her privacy but still voiced my concern that two of the employees there were disrespecting her and making fun of her pregnant belly.

The manager was understanding. He didn’t match the description she gave me of the two man boys and he apologized profusely. He said that he was proud of his workers and was appalled that this happened.

He asked if she would feel comfortable coming in to talk to the manager. I explained that she was insulted and embarrassed and she didn’t want to say anything but I was speaking for her. He understood and took down my information. He assured me that he would talk to the employees working at the time and make sure it didn’t happen again.

I never did tell Beth I did this but it made me feel good. I wanted to talk about it here because women, correct me if I’m wrong but this kind of treatment to pregnant women is common and unacceptable. Those weren’t men behind the ice cream stand, they were scum to do this, but at least now they’ll know that if they do it again they won’t even be able to keep a job selling ice cream.

Raise your daughter to become a strong woman

A new dad talking about raising his baby

Being girly is fine
but power is devine,

Girls are taught to be meek
helpless and weak,

Parents control what girls see
shape what they want to be,

Society portraits
girls only one way,

Negative stereotypes linger,
even when women have more
power than men in one finger,

We must change societal perception
women can do far more than conception,

Do your part to help girls see,
a world with stronger women is a
better world for you and me.

Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight’s Inspiring Thank You Video

The Cleveland kidnapping victims released a video on youtube saying thank you for the public’s support after being rescued from the hell they were in. In this video, Amanda Berry. Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight give an inspiring message of thanks and as for continued privacy as they continue to go about living a normal life.

This is such an amazingly positive message and they truly show the triumph of the human spirit. Even though they’ve been through horrible traumatic things, they continue to stay positive and are thankful they are free. What a wonderful group of young women. Young girls should look up to positive role models like them!

Thank you Amanda, Gina, and Michelle for having the courage to do this video and we wish you all the best in your lives!

Here’s the link to the youtube video released July 8, 2013 from HennesPaynterComm:

Young girls should look up to the Cleveland victims