I am an introvert.


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I am an introvert, recharged by alone time.

Overwhelmed by social stimulation.

There must be something wrong with me, right?

At least that’s the message I heard.

A society built by the outgoing.

Why am I not outgoing?

Why is simple small talk a problem?

I wish I knew.

Socializing is often stressful.

Sweat trickles down my back.

Uncomfortable silences

Even after rehearsing  I stumble with words.

That’s right I rehearse conversations.

What, you don’t?

I feel stupid.


If only I was less “shy,”

Just break out of my shell.

But it’s not easy.

If you’re me.

To be sensitive, defensive,

and selfish.

But in a different way than one may think.

Selfish with my innermost feelings.

For without protection they aren’t safe.

From fear of judgment, fear of loneliness,

Fear of fear.

Fear of hate.