A Thought

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The Unspoken

Life is a journey, which we are a part of..
It gives us people with whom we learn, fight, smile, share.
People who we live with.
It gives us family, it gives us friends.

Along the way, we find someone.
Someone with whom life is more beautiful, easier..
Someone who completes us.
It’s that someone we love, someone we want to call ours.

A someone who’ll ask ‘what you need?’
Will not only wait for the answer but also make it happen.
Someone who will do everything for us.
Someone we want to keep.

For a love like that, something we must do.
Something that assures they’re special.

It always starts with “A Thought”.

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Reasons to smile

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Keepin' it real.

Inspired by the happsters (their blog link will be down below), I thought that I would make a post on why people should smile. Firstly, you’re alive. If thats not something to be happy about then I don’t know what is. Even if you think you have a crap life, you know that you can somehow turn it around. I don’t mean to be gross or anything, but out of the millions of sperm and eggs, you were the one that was picked to become a zygote and enter this world. The most basic things in life can also be the best. You most likely have a roof over your head, food on the table, and education, so whats more to ask? You may not have billions of dollars, a sports-car outback, and designer clothes, but even if you did, it probably wouldn’t be enough. I’m probably starting to sound…

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