A peaceful spirit


I am at peace
A quiet kindness
fills my sprit
my heart and soul

Giving up control
Kindness over anger
puts out any fire
triumphs over the unjust

Above the earth’s crust
Doing what is right
walking hand in hand
heart in heart

Right from the start
Does not judge or blame
listen closely to hear it
embrace your peaceful sprit

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When time slows and beauty shows

stop and smell the roses enjoy life
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Ever notice the little beautiful things you can see when you’re going about your day? The mundane, boring, and even ugly things can be beautiful when viewed by the right lens.

In the hustle and bustle of busy life we often overlook these things, but if you focus your mind you will notice them.

The breeze gently caressing the trees. The purr of your car motor. The sun rays peeking through the wispy clouds. The seamless precision of the cashier ringing up your goods. The somber look in your pets eyes when you leave for the day. A sick baby’s raspy cry for her mommy. A bird flapping its wings gracefully. The clickety-clack sound of the train whirring by. Raindrops dancing off the pavement. The elegant movements of a spider moving on their silky web. The happy song of the crickets. The peaceful sound of silence.

Sights and sounds like these can only be experienced if we slow down and take the time to notice them. Life can move at a blistering pace and people need to unplug from technology and the rat race long enough to smell the roses.

When you do notice these things, really pay attention to them because time nearly stops. For one brief peaceful moment you are fully present. You’re in the here and now experiencing this beautiful sight in real time. The real visible world brings order to people’s lives. The virtual world can’t even come close to measuring up.

Close observation of your physical surroundings is a multi-sensory experience which sets it apart from your smart phone or smart device. You hear the sounds, see the sights, feel the breeze on your cheek, feel the raindrops on your head, and many many more feelings technology can’t duplicate, at least not yet.

This is the magic that can happen you let time slow and beauty show. Try it 🙂