We all need a little respect, just a little bit


We all deserve respect. At our core we all want to be accepted by others and have our views and beliefs respected.


law enforcement
grocery clerks
restaurant severs
bus drivers
and everyone else.



we were all cut from the same human cloth
we all were once little innocent babies
we all fall short of expectations at times
we all can fall on hard times
we all have different beliefs
we all can lose our temper
we all can hurt others feelings
we all make mistakes
we are all H U M A N.

The next time you are compelled to judge and forever condemn a fellow human being, stop! Think to yourself, if the situation was reversed, how would I feel if I was judged so harshly? I bet the answer would be you would feel terrible. Is that really how you want to make someone else feel? I didn’t think so.

The bottom line is life is too short and people are too imperfect to justify disrespecting each other. Be good to the ones around you and they’ll return the favor.

We all need a little respect, just a little bit 🙂

Thoughts from a man: Women don’t need us!


That’s right, you heard me guys.

Women simply do not need us in any way shape or form.

Therefore, it is our distinct privilege if a woman freely chooses to spend her life with us, and that privilege should never be taken for granted.

In this day in age, woman are our equals. They give us life and are incredibly strong physically and emotionally.

To be a real man you must respect a woman’s right to choose. To choose whether she needs a man at all.

Let women have the right to choose if she has children or not, this cannot be expected as it’s not for everyone. If and only if she chooses to share her life with a man, it is her right to freely choose which man to be with. Arraigned marriages were one of the many creations by men designed to control a woman’s choice.

Men that respect women, let us unite. Let this no longer be a world where woman are controlled by men. Let us raise our daughters not to be daddy’s little princess, but daddy’s strong, capable girl.

May societies’ expectations of women be turned on its head. Let strong be the new sexy and let woman gain muscle instead of lose weight. Let arraigned marriages disappear into the history books. Let abuses of women become so admonished by society that they start to disappear. Let there be a new definition of a man in this world. Let women be equals in every single way across the world.

In this man’s humble opinion, a world with more female leaders would be a MUCH more…



Inspiration for this post: Asian Girl Problems – Finding a Man, Bordering on Adulthood

Be gentle with each other

being gentle and sensitive

In this knock down drag out competitive egotistical arrogant world there is little room for sensitivity towards others.

This is ironic though, for the mothers that raised us all were caring, nurturing, gentle people. Then why do we think it’s acceptable to disregard the very sensitivity that helped raise us?

Living a gentle life is all about how we treat ourselves and others. Start with yourself. Stop feeling negative about yourself. Embrace the parts of you that you’re not fond of and give yourself permission to be imperfect. Be gentle with yourself.

Now for the hardest part, now do the same for the people you despise most.

Be gentle with the person who cut you off on the highway. Be gentle with the person who cuts in line. Be gentle with the person who argues with the cashier. Be gentle with the person that gives you a dirty look. Be gentle with the person in front of you at the restaurant that takes forever to order.

Be gentle with others because the fact is they may be going through something very difficult in their life that makes them act that way. Their family member may have just died. They may be going through a bankruptcy. They may be going through a divorce. They may suffer from mental illness. They may not have any particular reason for acting out and perhaps may not know better.

We’re all human. Give yourself and others the permission to be imperfect and show goodwill to all. Be gentle with them and yourself because it’s how you would want to be treated and because it’s the right thing to do.

Maybe, just maybe, by being more gentle we can make this a better world for every person.

Image credit: momentsofclaritybygretchen.blogspot.com