Ode to Honey Strawberry Greek Yogurt

O thank you all powerful Greek Gods,
for conjuring this lip-smacking treat.

Creamy whipped goodness so sweet,
a strawberry honey kissed feat,
Sitting down on my seat,
distractions obsolete,
rapidly depletes
as I eat.

O contraire,
I cannot bear,
to spare the soft,
so tender loving care,
a dreamy Grecian love affair.

Alas, my baby lets out a cry,
My heart nearly dies,
she’s so hungry,
fills my

full of glee,
she also loves
custard-like strawberries,
touched by the nectar of bees,
but even more than delicious yogurt,

She loves you so much, her dear mommy,
our beautiful baby brings you closer to me.

baby eating Greek yogurt probiotics Greek gods
My daughter Josie eating delicious
Greek Gods Honey & Strawberry Yogurt


Ode to Strawberry Cheesecake

A delicious cheesecake poem to sink your teeth into

O cheesecake,
topped with strawberry and cream

Your heavenly cheese center,
beautifully wrapped in a
graham cracker crust dream

The first succulent bite,
my tastes buds excite,

Like chocolate ecstasy~
the senses heighten,
moods lighten

Perfect dinner ending
a cheesy encore setting,

The most decadent of all cakes,
draws people and even cats
from far and near

Savoring for the rich flavoring,
even grown men shed a tear.

Cat licking the plate of strawberry cheesecake