With this ring

wedding band engagement ring

, I thee wed
or so the phrase is recited,
What does this symbolize
besides two people united?

Circular transfixion
malleable gold,
Realm of the physical
Casted inside a mold.

More than an element
contains emotion,
Endless everlasting
tides of devotion.

Forever valuable
twenty-four carat pure,
Long lasting luster
that I can assure.

Wraps finger and heart
unbreakable promise of,
The strongest world superpower
an eternity of love.

Flower girl in training

New father's 1 yr old baby is in a wedding

My little Josie was a flower girl in training for my mother-in-law’s wedding last thursday. She had such an adorable yellow floral dress on I just about died. No seriously, I did.

My little girl is growing so fast I need to remember to slow down and enjoy it whenever possible. The wedding was overlooking a majestic river waterfall and the weather was perfect.

Josie was doing great in the beginning, but lets face it, she’s only 16 months and began to get very fussy. All she wanted to do was crawl around the concrete patio but I couldn’t let her wreck her new dress and my second mother’s ceremony.

So, I did what all good parents do when their child is screaming in public. We went inside the building and I showed her some artwork and let her crawl around a bit on the carpet where it was safe.

The wedding turned out great despite that little flair up. We had a delicious dinner. Josie and I shared chicken fingers and a chocolate raspberry sorbet dessert. It was a wonderful hot summer night downtown and that delicious dinner cooled us down.

I’ve never been so proud of my strong little flower girl in training. She is absolutely beautiful and I’m more in awe each and every day.